Local support in the Topsham area is now available for those living with dementia at a club run by Memory Matters South West.

New help available for dementia sufferers in Topsham

By Exeter Express and Echo

A new activity club giving vital support to people living with dementia and their carers is open in Topsham.

The club is based at Seaward House, Topsham and utilises space owned by The Mede, offers activities based around brain exercise that have been shown to slow down memory deterioration and improve quality of life.

Kate Smith, Director of Memory Matters South West, the organisation responsible for the new club, said: “We use a variety of activities to provide stimulus, including number and word games, current affairs, calculating withmoney and listening to sounds.

“Sessions are always fun and there’s a lot of laughter. Club members often become firm friends and they are always keen to help each other out.”

As well as providing activities for those who are cared for, day clubs like this allow carers to have much needed time out for themselves, something that they often neglect because of worries about leaving their loved ones.

Carol Emmett, who takes her husband to a similar club in Lostwithiel, Cornwall said: “When I decide it’s time to go off to do my shopping, I know I’m leaving Ken in a happy, homely atmosphere. This is a place where Ken feels safe and happy, and is never patronized.”

The recent G8 dementia summit highlighted the need for better awareness of the disease and increased funding for research, with the aim of finding a cure or treatment by 2025.

Kate reacted to the findings: “There is currently no cure for dementia and not enough support for people living with the disease. At the moment there are around 12,000 people in Devon who desperately need practical help with dementia now.

“There is strong evidence that certain activities promote brain fitness and slow down memory failure. We need more places where people can get support and stimulation and Memory Matters South West is intent on offering a lifeline to as many people as possible,” she added.

Memory Matters South West CIC run three day clubs in Cornwall and One in Devon, more clubs are anticipated in local communities in the next year.

For more information on the new club and how to become a member, there are spaces available,, please contact Kate Smith on 07813 886706 or email kate@memorymatterssw.co.uk

Article originally published in the Exeter Express and Echo on 22nd June 2014